eBee: Merging Quilting, Electronics, and Board Game Design

Celia Pearce, Gillian Smith, Jeanie Choi, Isabella Carlsson. eBee: Merging Quilting, Electronics, and Board Game Design. Installation in the Art Show at ACM Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI 2016). San Jose, CA, May 7-12, 2016.


eBee is a strategic board game that merges quilting, e-textiles and game design to bridge the gender, ethnic and generation gap in electronics. The game revolves around placing quilted tiles embedded with conductive fabric on a hexagonal grid. The goal is to complete a circuit by laying a path of conductive fabric between a centralized hub or power source, and satellite islands that illuminate when the circuit is completed. eBee aims to merge the social contexts of the female-friendly experience of a quilting bee, the multi-generational appeal of a board game, and the techno-creative practices the maker movement. While the game has stand-alone integrity as both an interactive artwork and a game, it also has the benefit of engaging players in learning about electricity. In addition to exhibiting and possibly selling the game as a completed product, we also plan to develop eBee workshops and an online set of instructables that encourage people to create their own eBees.

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