Hackademics: A Case for Game Jams at Academic Conferences

Michael Cook, Gillian Smith, Tommy Thompson, Julian Togelius, Alexander Zook. Hackademics: A Case for Game Jams at Academic Conferences. Proceedings of the Game Jam 2015 Workshop, co-located with Foundations of Digital Games 2015 (FDG 2015). Pacific Grove, CA, June 21-26.


Game jams are touted as excellent educational experiences for students in higher education, but rarely seen as a valuable activity for scholarly work. We argue for incorporating game jams and other hackathon activities into academic conferences and scholarly meetings, due to their abilities to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, ease newcomers into game creation, and promote innovative and experimental game designs. We reflect on a highly-successful game jam at a recent Dagstuhl Seminar, and make recommendations for how to incorporate game jams into future conferences.

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