Collaboration is a quilt that was designed in collaboration between myself and a piece of software I created. The software, named Foundry, procedurally generates paper piecing patterns according to parameters that can be tweaked by the user, such as number of blocks, amount of sashing between blocks, and block rotation. The resulting design was one that I would never have thought of myself, yet was created by software I wrote. The process of creating the physical quilt took several days, after a design-process that took only a few minutes of back-and-forth “negotiation” with the machine.

Collaboration was shown at the 2015 Show of the Modern Quilt Guild in Austin, TX.


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  1. May 23, 2015

    […] is a quilt generator, which was the basis of the program used to design Collaboration. It generates patterns that are guaranteed to be piece-able using foundation paper piecing. The […]

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