The 2010 Mario AI Championship: Level Generation Track

Noor Shaker, Julian Togelius, Georgios N. Yannakakis, Ben Weber, Tomoyuki Shimizu, Tomonori Hashiyama, Nathan Sorenson, Philippe Pasquier, Peter Mawhorter, Glen Takahashi, Gillian Smith, Robin Baumgarten. The 2010 Mario AI Championship: Level Generation Track. IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games (TCIAIG), vol 3. iss 4, 2011.


The Level Generation Competition, part of the IEEE CIS-sponsored 2010 Mario AI Championship, was to our knowledge the world’s first procedural content generation competition. Competitors participated by submitting level generators — software that generates new levels for a version of Super Mario Bros tailored to individual players’ playing style. This paper presents the rules of the competition, the software used, the scoring procedure, the submitted level generators and the results of the competition. We also discuss what can be learnt from this competition, both about organizing procedural content generation competitions and about automatically generating levels for platform games. The paper is co-authored by the organizers of the competition (the first three authors) and the competitors.

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