Rhythm-Based Level Generation for 2D Platformers

Gillian Smith, Mike Treanor, Jim Whitehead, Michael Mateas. Rhythm-Based Level Generation for 2D PlatformersProceedings of the 2009 Int’l Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG 2009), Orlando, FL, April 26-30, 2009.


We present a rhythm-based method for the automatic generation of levels for 2D platformers, where the rhythm is that which the player feels with his hands while playing. Levels are created using a grammar-based method: first generating rhythms, then generating geometry based on those rhythms. Generation is constrained by a set of style parameters tweakable by a human designer. The approach also minimizes the amount of content that must be manually authored, instead relying on geometry components that are included in the level designer’s tileset and a set of jump types. Our results show that this method produces an impressive variety of levels, all of which are fully playable.

Full Paper

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