gillian-waterfall-icelandI am an assistant professor in the game design program at Northeastern University, jointly appointed between the College of Arts, Media, and Design and the College of Computer and Information Science. My research focuses on procedural content generation for games, computational crafting, and issues surrounding feminism and social justice especially as they intersect with technology and game design. I am also interested in games for education.

Within procedural content generation, I am especially interested in questions of design: how does content generation influence the kinds of playable experiences we can produce? How has the role of content generation in games changed across time and media? How can content generation be used to augment human design?

Within computation and craft, I am interested in how technology can be brought to bear on problems faced by a historically technologically underserved creative community, as well as treating generative design as a way to formalize my own creative process. I am interested in generative embroidery and quilting, quilts as a form for data visualization, and novel uses of e-textiles.

With regard to feminism and social justice, I am interested in how AI systems, especially generative systems, embed politics and represent diversity through their design. I also have some projects that involve creating technological interventions for social justice issues.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz in June 2012, where I studied with Jim Whitehead and Michael Mateas in the Center for Games and Playable Media. My full CV is available here.

In my copious free time I am an avid crafter–I love quilting and embroidery, and dabble with sketching, watercolor painting, and zentangles (structured doodling).