2019-B: AI for Interactive Media and Games (IMGD/CS 4100)

2019-A: The Game Development Process (IMGD 1001)

2018-B: Novel Interface Design (IMGD 3100)

2018-Fall: Computational Creativity & Procedural Content Generation (IMGD 5099/CS 525)

2018-C/Spring: Serious Games (IMGD 4600/5099)

2017-B: AI for Interactive Media and Games (IMGD/CS 4100)

Taught at Northeastern University

2017-Spring: Games and Social Justice

2017-Spring: Introduction to Game Research Methods

2015-Spring: Game Programming

2014-Fall: Game Artificial Intelligence

2013-Fall: Game Artificial Intelligence

2013-Fall: Rapid Idea Prototyping for Games

2013-Spring: Computer Graphics

2012-Fall: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence